Deploying Omeka in a particular configuration


I was wondering if there is a good way to bundle an Omeka 2.5 installation so that it deploys with a particular set of plugins installed and a theme set. I’ve had a look through the documentation but I couldn’t find anything to this end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much

I haven’t explored it much myself yet, but it looks like the omeka-cli from biblibre might be handy for what you are describing.

omeka-cli cannot install themes for now, but you can definitely use it in a small script to install Omeka and a bunch of plugins quickly.


omeka-cli install --db-name omeka [--other-db-options...] /var/www/Omeka
for plugin in Plugin1 Plugin2 Plugin3; do
    omeka-cli plugin-download -G $plugin && omeka-cli plugin-install $plugin

Note that you will need the latest (unreleased) version of omeka-cli for this code to work (that means you must clone the repository using git).

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