Deleting Sub-menus


Soo the problem i have is that when you make a sub page in the navigation tab, in the page itself i happen to appear a sub menu, but i what happens is that:

first its generated before the content of the page, in the code, so it would be nice if it was inside the content to move it around

and, second the way it generates eats half of my screen because im using a vertical nav, so it would also be nice if someone knows how to delete it.

If anyone knows anything about it it would help me a lot, thanks!

What theme are you using? A custom one, or something else?

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Im using thanks, Roy as a base, but i’ve changed some things, if you need anything else jus tell me :hugs:

(i didnt change almost anything in the code, i mostly changed the css)

The view that’s rendering that page is the core file view/omeka/site/page/show.phtml in the application folder.

You’ll see there code for renderSubMenu which you could take out, or move. You can copy that file above into the corresponding location in the view folder of your theme and then edit it there.

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Okay! thank you very much!