Deleting files with csvimport+ plugin

I use CsvImportPlus plugin from @Daniel_KM ; I thought it was possible to delete a list of files (but not the associated items), but I was not able to find the right setting. Is it possible ?

For example I tried to import a csv file with those information :

Record Type Identifier Field Identifier
File <url of the original file, mapped in original_filename> <url of the original file, mapped in original_filename>

then I choose “Action : Delete the record”, but the file is not deleted.

M. Saby

The identifier field should be something like Dublin Core:Identifier, and the identifier is the value.
If you don’t have identifier, you can use original filename (or filename for local files), and the uri/filename as Identifier.

You mean the DC:Identifier of the item ?

I try that

Record Type Identifier Field Dublin Core:Identifier
File d121a02e0ec1de2cd6c1506f786b820d.pdf fiduciae_foache_224

(fiduciae_foache_224 is the DC:Identifier of the item to which the pdf file is attached)

but it still does not work, the PDF file is not deleted

Non, dans le fichier, il faut indiquer original filename à chaque ligne.

Merci !

It works well with this file

Record Type Dublin Core:Identifier Identifier Field
File original filename

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