Delete Collection Form User Private Information Omeka S

Hello, I have a question and unfortunately I didn’t find anything on Google or here in the forum when searching for the answer.

Is it possible to delete collected Informations of User Private Promts from the Collecting Form without removing the whole item?

We have a privacy issue and need to delete this information. If they cannot be deleted individually, we will unfortunately have to delete the entire items.

I would be very pleased to receive an answer

There is no way to delete individual “user private” prompts via the Omeka S user interface. Someone who is knowledgeable about databases could delete them from database itself. All prompts are in the collecting_prompt table. Search for the prompt in question and get its ID. The prompt will have type="user_private". All user inputs are in the collecting_input table. Search by the prompt_id you just obtained for the rows that need to be deleted and delete them individually.

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