Definition of concepts / authority control


In the IBCC Digital Archive ( we have published many definitions of concepts, each one associated with the relevant tag. See for instance the definition of bombing:

Bombing [concept]

When you click on the tag, Omeka correctly brings up all items tagged “bombing”, but the definition of concept tends to be way down the hit lists. This tends to confuse users. Is there any way to always have the definition of a concept (in this case “Bombing [concept]”) at the top of the hit lists?

It worked brilliantly when we started, but results have been increasingly less consistent as we added items. As rule of thumb, the more items we associate to a specific tag, the lower its definition goes down in the list.


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The definition of the concept is itself an item, correct?

It’s showing up in the middle because it’s in the middle of the items which you’ve created which use the tag. There might be a programmatic way to pin the definitions of the tag, but it would likely be very complicated.

Since you’ve got these definition items, I would suggest creating a collection called “Glossary” or “Terms” and adding it to your menu, or using shortcodes to create a Glossary simple page.

There’s not really a good way to surface a single item which is somewhere in the middle of the thousands of items with the same tag.