Default Vocabularies

In the docs it seems to indicate that there are 4 default preloaded Vocabs in Omeka S. Running the latest version (1.2.0), and still not seeing them as displayed in the help docs (

Anyone have the same issue? are they missing? are they baked in (ie can’t see them in the Vocabularies section, but they’re there anyways?)

No, they are still there. Maybe you have an issue during your install.

If there were an issue during install, how might this be tracked? Getting the install to work fine, etc. Where should they reside? Can’t seem to find them in the ZIP file, so a bit stumped.

The files themselves are located under application/data/vocabularies.

Got them, strange that they’re not added in Omeka itself though. The application log at /logs/application.log didn’t change when I updated to the new version. And the vocabs weren’t installed in the older version.
Any means of tracking what occurred?

How old was your initial install?

The upgrades pretty much don’t touch the vocabularies so if there’s a problem with them it would likely go back to the original install.

Ah, ok. that might explain it. Was in february from the looks of my set up. will try a clean install.

Clean install fixed the issue. Didn’t have anything in it anyways, purely dev instance.