Default Theme Issues After Upgrade from 3.0.3 to 3.1

I attempted to upgrade from 3.0.3 to 3.1 today. The upgrade seemed to go smoothly, except the default theme is not displaying properly when viewing the public site. The content is appearing in a single column (header is fine). I switched themes and the other themes seem to be displaying correctly. It’s just the default theme. We did not do any customization to the code for the default theme – the only configuration changes were done from the admin portal.

We are running MySQL 5.7.41, PHP 7.2.24, and Apache 2.4.29

Any help would be appreciated.


Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

After I posted, I went back and replaced the most current version of the default theme with our old default theme, and now it is working. While I am thrilled it’s working with such an easy solution, I am concerned that our theme may be outdated. My preference would be to use the most current version of the default theme. Should I be concerned, or just be happy that the old copy of the default theme is working and move on?


I’d be happy to help troubleshoot the latest version of the theme. I want to make sure I understand the problem though, and seeing a screenshot of the issue as well as the browser used would be a helpful starting point.

I reinstalled the default theme for 3.1 this morning, and now it only shows the left column and the site description. For the time being, I reverted to the old default theme on the production site.

Here is what I see with the default theme included in 3.1.

Thanks for taking a look.

It’s not obvious in the screenshot, but nothing displays from the featured item section and onward, including the footer.

When the footer doesn’t display, it’s typically a sign that there was an error on the page. If you switch back to it, you might try the instructions on retrieving error messages, either through displaying them or logging them, to see what’s happening when the page “stops” like that.

The “primary/secondary” view you have currently with the “old” theme, though… is that customized? I don’t think that’s “stock” Thanks, Roy, unless I’m mistaken.

We didn’t customize anything with the theme, as we were afraid of creating future problems if we did. Unfortunately, I don’t keep good records on the last version we downloaded.

I explored some older versions of Thanks Roy on the Omeka site and as recent as version 2.6.5 I can see the primary and secondary sections in index.php. I looked at the theme included with Omeka-3.1 and I don’t see them.

I will look at the error messages and see what I can figure out from there.

Thanks for you help!