Default site admin settings

We have a number of site settings we would like to change from the default on all sites. Because we also have a large number of users creating sites, the only way we have thus far been able to manage this has been to put out documentation on these important settings, and hope that our users read them. Despite this, we still get tickets fairly frequently for issues caused by the defaults not really matching our usecases. Is there any way we can override what the default settings in site admin are for newly created sites?

create the template site with the desired setting configured and use them basic for creating site. When site is created, they can choose a template site and make the changes according to their own needs.

I don’t see an option for duplicating or creating a template site, is this a relatively new feature? (We’re on 4.0.2)

There is not yet a way to duplicate sites or settings. We’re at work on a module right now that will allow for the duplication of resources, but it isn’t ready for prime-time yet. It will be released sometime after the core release of v.4.1.