Default 'selected' <option> in browse item view


how can one change the default behaviour in the browse items page (/s/site/item)? As it is now the items are by default sorted by ‘created’. I’d like them sorted by title by default, or an easy-ish way to control that behaviour.

I can’t find it in application/view/common/sort-selector.phtml. I’ve found it for the browse preview (src/Site/BlockLayout/BrowsePreview.php), not for the full browse.

I know I can append ?sort_by=title to the address. But then when the user does an advanced search and clicks the ‘search’ button the custom behaviour is restored (unless I append the parameters with some JavaScript or edit the ‘search’ action).

Any help would be very appreciated.

The search order is set in ItemController::browseAction()
If you look at this action, you’ll find the following line:


You can either hard code your own search default in place of the existing, modifying the line like this:

$this->setBrowseDefaults('title', 'asc');

Or I guess you can create your own module that looks for the corresponding event and modifies the order preferences accordingly.


Amazing, thank you for this.

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