DC/XML How create an instance of an element


Do you know where is the XML file that contains Dublin Core Elements ? I’d like create an instance of an existing element

Thanks !

Omeka Classic stores the elements in the database, it doesn’t read them from any XML files.

The Item Type Metadata system allows users to create their own elements in the interface, and that might work for your purposes. Otherwise in general adding new elements is done by a plugin.


Thanks for your response.

Adding your element in this table is a good idea ? ( with set_element_id=1 for Dublin Core)
It works but is it a good practice?
Can we create an instance of a Dublin Core element ?
For example “Book title” for one type_element but only “title” for others type_element. It works. But I wonder if this is a good practice.


In general I wouldn’t recommend putting non-standard metadata into the Dublin Core set. If it’s non-standard the usual way is either using an Item Type as I mentioned above, or adding a new element set to contain it.

On a technical level it should work though.

Many thanks !
I’m going to create my news elements