DC Items Renaming

I am reaching out for assistance with an issue I am experiencing on my Omeka Classic site, which is hosted by Reclaim Hosting and utilizes the Seasons theme.

Issue Details:

I am looking to customize the wording of Dublin Core (DC) item metadata names. Specifically, I want to change how these names are displayed on the fields. For example, I would like to:

  • Change “Description” to “Synopsis”
  • Change “Creator” to “Artist”

Steps Taken:

  • Created a .po file with the desired changes and converted it to a .mo file.
  • Uploaded the .mo file to the languages directory in my Omeka installation.
  • Edited the config.ini file to reflect the changes.
  • Cleared browser and server cache.
  • Checked for language files in the Seasons theme directory.
  • Ensured my Omeka Classic installation and themes are up to date.

Despite these efforts, I am still not seeing the changes reflected on the website. I am seeking guidance on the following:

  • How to properly rename DC item metadata labels within the Seasons theme.
  • Any available resources or documentation that could guide me through this process.

I appreciate any advice, resources, or guidance the community can provide to help resolve this issue. Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,


I usually do these things directly into the database; quick and dirty :slight_smile: .

The method you’re talking about does work, making a new .mo file and setting it as the locale.

You might double-check the files and filenames that you used, and the locale.name setting you made in application/config/config.ini.