DC Contributors with Specific Roles. Resource Templates

This may be a noobie question about resource templates or the ValueSelect module or about metadata more generally. Lets say I want to create a resource template for “Building” I want my users to be able to enter names for the roles of “Architect”, “Engineer” and another for “Builder”.

I gather that each of these would be a sub-property for the DCterms class: “Contributor.” My question is, how would i implement this with a resource template? My inmtuition suggests that I want to use multiple instances of the “Contributor” element in my template with the alternate labels to cue the user to enter values these different roles. But this does not work since it seems that a resource template can only have one “Contributor”.

I get that the user can enter several values for contributor, and I see that the ValueSuggest module gives me a list of roles offered by the MARC relators – including Architect, and Builder. But I don’t understand how to create the pattern where a user declares the role and assigns a name to it.

I feel like this is ought to be easy, so I’m probably missing something fundamental. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks Have a great weekend.

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After a bit more poking around, I think have figured out the answer to this question.
Turns out that this is a matter of “Qualified Dublin Core.” This page, Digital Commons and OAI-PMH: Harvesting Repository Records provides a hint for how a qualifed Dublin Core contributor property might be expressed as a custom tag like contributor.engineer .

I could use DanielKM’s CustomOntology module to create this qualified DC item for the sorts of roles that I anticipate turning up in my collection. This will give me an ability to drag and drop these special sorts of contributors into my resource templates, assigning the appropriate prompts for each one.

Does this look like the right way to do it? If anyone knows a better way, feel free to comment.

Thanks Omeka-S team and DanielKM for these useful tools!


Could you explain this in more detail? I.E. “Create specific properties value” that you use at CustomOntology module.

Hi Pedro,

The problem I had was essentially that the property tags provided for including in resource templates can only be used one time apiece. Users tagging items can invoke a tag multiple times, in the case of including multiple collaborators (dc:contributor). But this was not quite what I needed because I wanted distinquish multiple types of contributors (Engineer, Architect, Builder…)

The solution I found was to use the CustomOntology plugin where I can make specific tags for each of these properties: Engineer, Architect, etc.

One shortcoming of this approach is that nobody except for me knows that these are sub-classes of dc: contributor. so care will have to be taken if I ever want to use these tags in a automated ontology… But that is a problem for another day!

Does this make sense?

Hi Paul,
Thanks for you response. I understand what you did. Custom properties for specific role of contributor property. But like you said, only you know this relationship with this property.

I want use standard DC with MARC relators but I don’t know how do it. I will open new thread.