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Soo i’ve installed the module in two diferent Omeka S, one in 4.0.0 and the other in 3.2.3 (I installed compatible versions in each of them), and in both cases i’ve been able to intall it correctly, import the cvs files correctly and put the characteristics of it correctly.

The problem is that once the resource is done it just doesnt save itself, and when i go in, i realized that it tells me that its not finished and that has no logs

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Maybe its the way i created the cvs import, so i’ll show captures of the process (i’ve downloaded a generic .cvs file):

If anyone knows why this is the case i would gladly get any advice

thanks :hugs: !

Hi, in the “Map to Omeka S data” tab you need to provide mappings. That is, you need to map your first-names column to a “First names” property for Omeka S items. Your last names, your addresses, etc. all need to actually be importing into a property.

By default Omeka S has properties from Dublin Core (Title, Description, Creator, etc.). If you are, as it appears, creating “People” items, you will need to choose the properties you have information for (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code). That will require finding the right properties from vocabularies:

I would suggest looking at Friend of a Friend, which comes installed with Omeka S. You could set up a “People” item template using a resource template:

Once you map even one column to a property, you will see items being created. You could test that now by mapping your first column to “Title” (dcterms:title). Then delete the items when the process is done, and start again with your intended mappings.

I would suggest you add a row at the top of your CSV with column names (“First Name”, “Address”, “State”, etc.) to help you keep things organized. CSV Import will use that first row as a guide and not import its information into an item.

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Okay thank you very much! :grin: