CVS No Import in my site


Hi, I want to import a csv file, which works for me on, but on my site it doesn’t, even testing on a linux with xampp, I don’t get it to matter, it stays on the “Status” screen, and does nothing. I already configured the omeka to show me the errors and nothing, even the config.ini file, the parameter:
background.php.path = “/ opt / lampp / bin / php”

In spite of everything it does not give error but it does not matter anything, as I said for more than update “Status” it does not load the file, but in, in the test site the file was loaded without problems.

That could be happening?
Thank you


Do you actually have all those spaces around the slashes in the background.php.path setting? If so, that would definitely cause an issue.


Hi jflatnes, the path is without the spaces