CustomVocab module usage


I’ve set up CustomVocab on a fresh Omeka-S install.

I’m looking for hints on how the module is supposed to work because I can’t find any way to use the custom vocabularies that I’ve defined in the “Custom Vocab” menu. They are not listed on the right panel when creating a new Resource Template.

I’m using Omeka-S 1.0.0-beta2 and CustomVocab 1.0.0-beta (downloaded as zip from the gitHub repository).

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

The custom vocabs don’t show up in the right-hand panel—that’s just for listing properties.

Instead, once you’ve chosen a property to add to your template, you should be able to apply your custom vocab to that property by selecting the vocab from the “Data Type” dropdown in the main section of the page.

Here’s the draft documentation for that module

Thank you very much @jflatnes!
I was missing the data type selection part. Everything is working properly.

And thanks @mebrett for the link to the draft documentation.