Customizing Metadata Field Name Font Size in Thanks, Roy Theme

Hello Omeka Community,

I am currently using the Thanks, Roy theme for my Omeka site and need some assistance customizing the font size of the metadata field names displayed on the public side.

I have attempted to locate the relevant CSS rules within the theme’s stylesheet, but I am unable to find the appropriate rule that controls the font size for metadata field names specifically. I would like to make the font size of the field names smaller compared to the metadata content.

Could someone please guide me to the correct CSS rule or provide a solution to adjust the font size of metadata field names in the Thanks, Roy theme? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Hello, try

.element h3 {

with your chosen font size in pixels. You can put that into the CSS Editor plugin.
The line that currently governs that size is in style.css on line 428, but it applies to all text in an <h3> tag.

Thank you very much! Everything looks much better now!