Customising admin navigation for low level admins

Is there an efficient way of hiding elements in the left-hand navigation bar in the admin section, for a specific level of admin user? Even better, a way of whitelisting elements in the navigation for these users? For admin users with the level of Author, I would like to hide the navigational elements that they shouldn’t mess with (or have to deal with). This would include Jobs, Modules, Users, etc. These admin users need to be able to log in and add items, but not much more than that. An existing module would be ideal.

This is already accomplished with different user roles at the installation level: Users - Omeka S User Manual

The Author user role can only add and edit their own items - they can’t mess with modules, jobs, and other site settings and don’t even see them in the left hand navigation bar. They will see Users, but can’t edit any other than their own.