Custom Search Results?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to change the search settings, so that two things can happen.

  1. A user can choose whether to search specifically in the collections they are interested in or search everything. At the moment, the default is that they search everything…

  2. When the results come up, it lists which collection the item is in. At the moment, it simple has two columns that say Item and Title, and I would at least like the metadata of the item to be visible, even if it doesn’t have a column of its own.

I’ve read this response to a similar question:

Which seems like a very complex solution that has not been resolved.

However, I am wondering whether anyone has been able to simply inject the metadata into the search results? So that when it comes up, it simply lists all of the other information? I am going to try this now, but if anyone has any hints and tips that would be appreciated…