Custom Ontology: Delete, then Recreate

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I am trying to use Daniel Berthereau’s Custom Ontology module ( and see that you cannot alter the ontology via its GUI form once initially generated. But it sounds like you can delete it somewhere on the file system and start over. This is what I want to do: Delete it, then recreate it with my edits intact. But where is it?

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I found the answer to my own question.

Any new Custom Ontology can be deleted from the Resources --> Vocabularies menu. Once deleted, you are then free to recreate it via the Custom Ontology module.

Yes, a custom ontology is a standard ontology once created. And the idea is to make it permanent once published.

I am trying to add to my Custom Ontology. I fill in the following:

Namespace uri

Then in the “Create specific properties” box I paste in what I would like to add to my ontology:

apwa:essayIdentifier,Essay Identifier,Unique ID for Essay.
apwa:prisonIdentifer,Prison Identifier,Unique ID for Prison.

I click Submit, but get this error message:

> An ontology exists for the prefix "apwa".
An error was found. Turtle cannot be created. Nothing was imported.

How can add to my custom ontology?


If you just need to append new properties, you don’t need to fill the first fields.

That did it. Thanks!


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