CSVImport module : error module.ini

i’ve just installed CSVImport module but i’ve this error and don’t know why…
Error: invalid config/module.ini file

thanks for replies

What versions of Omeka S and CSV Import are you trying to use?

my version is Omeka S version 1.0.0-beta

several modules have problem to installed…

CSVImport Error: invalid config/module.ini file
ZoteroImport Error: invalid config/module.ini file
omeka-s-module-Ark-master Error: invalid config/module.ini file
omeka-s-module-OaiPmhRepository-master Error: invalid config/module.ini file


Do you use other modules? Do you check the rights? The name of the module directory?

yes we used 3 others modules

Custom Vocab version 1.0.0-beta

Mapping version 1.0.0-beta

Metadata Browse version 1.0.0-beta

no problem with this modules

the modules directory is /var/www/html/omeka-s/modules
and all belong to www-data

I believe the issue here is that you need S beta2 to run those modules. Normally there’s a message specifically about the version mismatch, but the thing here is that the format of the module.ini file changed.

i’ve installed omeka-s beta 2
Omeka S version 1.0.0-beta2
now some modules are OK some no…

OAI-PMH Repository version 0.2.2 Error: invalid Module.php file

Ark version 0.1.1 Error: invalid Module.php file

where can i search for resolving ?

Those look like they are Omeka Classic plugins, not Omeka S modules. Omeka Classic and Omeka S are different, so addons for one won’t work in the other.

With omeka-s version 1.0.0-beta2,

  • new module installations on the server work perfectly
  • but new module installations on my local version give Error: invalid config/module.ini file.

To get new modules to work on my local version, I install them on the server version and download the version from the server, then it works.

Do you have any idea which setting in a local version could cause the error?

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