CSV-Import works, but cannot Sideload

Dear all,

I need to use CSV import with File Sideload. Everything works great with CSV, but only if I don’t use the File Sideload, in witch case the importer keeps importing and nothing happens. There are similar topics before with a similar case, but I cannot understand what’s happening in this particular one.

The files are in the sideload folder, and I can even use them in a case to case item creation.

The log is:
2021-01-05T17:26:07+00:00 ERR (3): exception ‘Omeka\Api\Exception\ValidationException’ in /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/src/Api/Adapter/AbstractEntityAdapter.php:609
“o:media”: [
“ingest_filename”: [
“Cannot sideload file “/home/yy45iis9/public_html/Ficheiros/Colecao-Francisco-Silva_Video_Minidv_0006.m4v”. File does not exist or does not have sufficient permissions”
Stack trace:
#0 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/src/Api/Adapter/AbstractEntityAdapter.php(318): Omeka\Api\Adapter\AbstractEntityAdapter->hydrateEntity(Object(Omeka\Api\Request), Object(Omeka\Entity\Item), Object(Omeka\Stdlib\ErrorStore))
#1 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/src/Api/Manager.php(224): Omeka\Api\Adapter\AbstractEntityAdapter->create(Object(Omeka\Api\Request))
#2 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/src/Api/Manager.php(78): Omeka\Api\Manager->execute(Object(Omeka\Api\Request))
#3 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/modules/CSVImport/src/Job/Import.php(348): Omeka\Api\Manager->create(‘items’, Array)
#4 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/modules/CSVImport/src/Job/Import.php(255): CSVImport\Job\Import->create(Array)
#5 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/modules/CSVImport/src/Job/Import.php(194): CSVImport\Job\Import->processBatchData(Array)
#6 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/src/Job/DispatchStrategy/Synchronous.php(34): CSVImport\Job\Import->perform()
#7 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/src/Job/Dispatcher.php(105): Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy\Synchronous->send(Object(Omeka\Entity\Job))
#8 /home/yy45iis9/public_html/application/data/scripts/perform-job.php(44): Omeka\Job\Dispatcher->send(Object(Omeka\Entity\Job), Object(Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy\Synchronous))
#9 {main}

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The answer lies in your error message:

Check if your files exist at the right place. If they does, check their access right so that the system user that is running Omeka must have access to the files (read permission).

Thank you for your reply! Actually I was going to delete my original post because, in the meantime, I tried to disambiguate my problem, but did not reach any good conclusion. So any help is great appreciated!

The files do exist in the folder designated for the filesideload, and I can use them with this tool. The problem is time. In several Omeka S instances I had before (actually in different but similar LAMPs) I can side upload with CSV import hundredths of, say, mp3s and jpgs. But know, it takes more than 10 minutos to CSV+SideUpload only four(4) items. If the files are small, like 30Mb small, it takes time but, eventually will be done. But I I try to do it with lots of items and hundredths of files it blows.

This instance of Omeka is 3.0.1 and the modules in use are the latest.

I’m not sure, but it seems that your problem switched from something that did not work, to something that works but slowly.

If this is the case, I suggest you to open a new thread with the correct title and text to describe the real problem.

Your’re right! Thanks for all!

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