CSV import sharepoint-file?

When I try adding an url to an image on sharepoint, it always skips this row when uploading with CSVImport-plugin.
Someone told me importing via sharepoint is possible in Omeka S with ‘media’-upload and then embedding it in HTML, but how do I upload this with Omeka Classic?


My first guess is that the image is not publicly available on the web, but that you can see it when you are logged in to Sharepoint. If that’s the case, you’d just need to make them publicly available, either by changing the settings within Sharepoint or by putting them somewhere that is available on the web.

Thanks for the response.
The item I tested with is publicly available, so that is not the problem unfortunately.

Maybe the problem is that the url doesn’t have an extension?


The link is available (anonymous access). via SharePoint online. The point is the following:

  • in Omeka classic media files can be uploaded. But the required functionality is for them to be on off site storage (such as sharepoint online) using an anonymous link.
  • In Omeka-s you have the option to embed HTML as a way of adding media to an item. The same with youtube embed, oembed and so on…
  • We are looking for a way to add an anonymous link to an item (media file, such as a jpeg for instance) using the classic omeka. Is this possible in standard omeka classic out of the box? Up until now I am aware of only the upload option for media files.

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