CSV Import Queueing and Queueing and Queueing

Hello All!

I am running Omeka 2.6.1 and CSV Import 2.0.4. I have been using the plugin successfully until today, when my import was “queued” and never got past that point. I poked around online and learned how to write instructions into a URL to try to force an Undo of the import, but all that did was change the status to “Queued Undo.” I also tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling to see if that helped. No help.

I haven’t made any changes to the site since my last successful import, and I don’t think there’s anything amiss with my CSV file - it’s structured essentially the same as my successful ones. Any ideas?

So imports in general aren’t working now?

Getting stuck on “Queued” usually means that the background job just completely failed to start; it encountered an error right away, before it could set the status to “In Progress.” One option to look into this is to make sure logging is enabled at the PHP level for the CLI (that log_errors is on and error_log is set to a writable file, both of those are settings in php.ini). Then if you start a job and there’s an error, it should be logged to the PHP error log.

If you have the background.php.path option set in your Omeka application/config/config.ini file, also make sure it’s pointing at the right place still. Maybe your server was updated and the PHP CLI has been moved?

Hi jflatnes - first off, my apologies for not updating this when the problem was resolved. I am delighted to say that we’re back in business with the CSV Upload plugin. My host (TMD Hosting) updated PHP on my server to 7.2 without telling me, which caused part of our problem. I never was able to figure out exactly what was bugging up the CSV Import plugin, but when I updated my Omeka installation to 2.7, the problem went away. I’m not sure if 2.6.1 was able to play ball with PHP 7.2 - that may have been the issue.

Thank you for taking the time to check back with me!

Glad to hear it’s figured out. There does seem to have been a bit of a rash of hosts updating servers and people not knowing about it lately.