CSV Import Plus & "mixed records"

I am having difficulty figuring out the process for importing both items and files with “CSV Import Plus”. Using the sample CSV files provided, I’m able to import individual items and have the right files associated with them, but I can never get files to import with their associated metadata. The documentation says (at item #5) “check Mixed records in the form” to test importing items and files simultaneously, but I am just not seeing what I’m supposed to check.

You might try using the standard CSV Import module, which has included the mixed record option since version 2.0 https://omeka.org/s/modules/CSVImport/

Instructions for using the mixed resource import in the main CSV Import module can be found here: https://omeka.org/s/docs/user-manual/modules/csvimport/#mixed-resource-import

Thanks - I’m running an Omeka Classic site but it’s good to know that the capability is now standard in Omeka S.

Oh, right. Well, hopefully the instructions for a mixed import in Omeka S might still be useful, at least to cross-reference with those for CSVPlus

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