CSV Import Omeka S Error

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to use the CSV Import module on my Omeka S account. I downloaded and imported the plugin onto my account. But I’m getting an error, “Error: module in database but not in filesystem.” Does anyone know how I go about resolving this? Thanks!

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The current release version of the modules is 2.6.1. If you’re using Omeka S version 4.0, then it’s best to use the most up to date version of the module.

Second, the folder names of the modules on the server matter. You’ll want to make sure that the installed plugin has the folder name CSVImport on your server. That may mean deleting earlier versions of the module from the server.

This worked! Thanks so much!

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Hi again – I uploaded the CSV module to my account (I’m using Reclaim Hosting through my institution) but CSV Import isn’t popping up on the left hand navigation bar under modules. It’s in ‘needs upgrade’ when I click on modules, but I’ve already uploaded the most recent version of the module. How would I work to resolve this?

You should just go ahead and click that upgrade button on the Modules page. With a new version of the module installed, sometimes the module needs to run a script to upgrade itself and the database.

I’m not seeing an upgrade button on the Modules page.

Hmmm… you don’t have any buttons at all?

Nope :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Went through all the settings, as well, and couldn’t find any button related to upgrading.

Okay, this might be above my pay grade.

Did you do a one-click install?

I didn’t. I have access to Omeka through my institution (UT Austin), which uses Reclaim Hosting. I went behind the scenes into my cPanel account and uploaded the ZIP file there. Maybe I should reach out to them?

I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. I was asking if you used the installatron in the C-Panel to do the basic installation of the Omeka S core software. I’m just trying to sus out if there is something odd about your installation that might be making the module panel not fully build out in the admin interface.

Using the File Manager in the C-Panel is the easiest way to add modules for a basic installation, so that seems fine. Upload the zip and then extract.

Oh, sorry! I wasn’t the one who installed Omeka S onto the account, but I assume that the account owner used Installatron. I was the one who uploaded the module, though, and I did so through the File Manager. I uploaded the ZIP, extracted it, and then deleted the ZIP file after making sure it was showing up in my Omeka account.

Could it be related to my role on the site? I’m a supervisor, not global admin.

Yes, that’s exactly it. You’ll need a global admin to click the “Install” button on the module.

Ah, an easy answer, of course. Thanks for all your help and sorry for the back and forth!

No reason to be sorry at all.

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