CSV Import Not Working

I have an ODS file and have used them before in another installation of Omeka. However, after making over 5 attempts, the Past Imports page is blank. The field mapping works, but it doesn’t import. The Media field uses URLs that are linked to files on the server and there are not any multi-value fields. I’m not sure what could be causing this problem. I am using Omeka S version 3.2.1 as 4.0 does not work on the current hosting server.

Hi, if your ODS column names are showing up in the Mapping tab, that’s a good sign. Can you let me know what the Past Imports page says about these five attempts? In the Result column, and also the contents of the "Log"s for each import.


And if there’s still nothing in Past Imports, check the “Jobs” section listed in the main left navigation.

The Past Imports page is blank. However, the 8 attempts are listed on the Jobs page and the status is listed as “Started”. I’m not sure what’s causing the imports not to complete.

You might have to manually set your PHP path. Do this using the local.config.php file and the instructions in the user manual:


Thank you so much for your assistance. The PHP path was manually changed in the local.config.php file and the CSV import process is now working properly.