CSV Import -- Limit on number of image files import?

Hi there,

Omeka Classic Version 2.5.1 – Attempting to csv import one record with 896 image files (It’s a manuscript document that will be transcribed via scripto). We created a csv file that has 5 columns for the jpg files, with each cell containing 250 image file paths. The first 600 images loaded fine, but the rest did not import. Is there a way to either increase the file import limit or do an amend import to load the additional 296 image files onto the existing record?

Thanks! – Debbie

CSV Import will try to import the entire file’s data, unless something goes wrong. The quickest thing to try is probably just to break the CSV into two or three smaller files.

Thanks for the idea! I was messing around with breaking up the csv file when our programmer discovered the CSV Import+ plugin is capable of appending an existing record. I was able to add the remaining 298 image files to the record by:

CSV Import+ in the ‘Process’ section set:
Identifier field: Identifier
Action: Add value to specific fields
Contains extra data: Perhaps,…

On step 2:
Columns with images: under 'Special Values" set it to ‘Files’ and check 'Extra data?" box