CSV Import "Import settings expired. Please try again."

Omeka version 2.5, CSV Import version 2.0.4 and tried 2.3
tried using Firefox and Chrome

Trying to upload one row of metadata with multiple image urls and keeping getting “Import settings expired. Please try again.”

The csv is in utf-8 … I have not found an answer in the old forum posts. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Found the problem - we were trying to have 1000 urls to images for a single item. There seems to be a limit somewhere around 800 image urls. If you are under that it works fine.

Hi, I have the same problem with a small file and no urls or local files attached.
UTF-8 problem fixed but I get still the same error.

Problem solved.
I changed the browser. Had Firefox, tried with Opera.

I got the same problem with Firefox. It works with Chrome.