CSV Import for Omeka S version 2.0.0


Today we’ve released version 2.0.0 of the CSV Import module for Omeka S.

As you can tell by the dates listed for the releases, this has been a long time in coming, but it’s finally here. Huge thanks are owed to Omeka community member and forums regular Daniel Berthereau (@Daniel_KM) for contributing major pieces of functionality to this release (and for bearing with our long process of considering and modifying those contributions).

Familiar features for users of Daniel’s “CSV Import Plus” plugin for Omeka Classic or his fork of the S importer include options to import more types of resources, like item sets and media, as well as updating or deleting records. This release also includes a major overhaul of the user interface, both to accomodate the new features and to ease the process of using the existing “normal” import options.

Note: As with the previous release of CSV Import, some modules can interoperate with version 2.0.0. Due to the significant changes, modules that worked with the previous version will need an update to work with CSV Import 2.0.0. In particular, there are also new releases today of File Sideload (version 1.2.0) and Mapping (version 1.1.0) which provide that compatibility. Please update those modules as well when upgrading to the new version of the importer.