CSV Import for Files?

Relative newbie to Omeka. Using v2.4.1, DublinCore element set and CsvImport 2.0.3.

Am struggling with this Plugin documentation’s ‘Files’ references and the meaning/function of the ‘Files’ checkboxes in the Plugin procedure.

No problem importing Item metadata into a given Collection, BUT:

Is there a way to similarly import File metadata in the cases where I have multiple Files associated with one Item?

Many thanks. jw

You can try Csv Import+, a fork with this feature and some other ones.

I have a kind of simple question, I think. I was given 1000 offline files with metadata to import. Each item will be a separate item with just one file, so that seems relatively straightforward I think and I have no problems related to the metadata/csv. I just need to figure out how the files bit will work - do I upload the images into the omeka/files folder somewhere and then provide a link directly there? Or do I need to put a folder somewhere else on our server and then dump then there first, add a direct link to each item in that folder in the CSV? How do I get each image file to attach itself to just one particular item? I looked over the documentation but didn’t quite understand how to handle that.

Files have to be somewhere that the Omeka installation can read them. It’s probably easier to just put them on your server and add the direct links into the CSV from that folder. You put the image link in the row for the item to which it should attach, and there’s an option for file when you import. It might be useful to watch the CSV Import screencast?

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Thanks @mebrett , that makes a lot of sense - I guess that, once again, I was overthinking. I now see I just need to check the box and appropriately name the files in the spreadsheet (to point to another folder on our server, outside Omeka).

A small question, not such it’s relevant: I just realized that the files use jpg and jpeg interchangeably - does this matter for the import at all? I think that for consistency I’m going to choose one extension and go with it, probably jpg. Any advice?

I have imported csv files where the linked files were jpg and png, so differing file types should not be an issue. Unless you’ve changed the security setting, you should also be fine to import jpg or jpeg - but I can also understand the desire for consistency (I would probably do the same thing).

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Thanks @mebrett for the response. Another question: some of the titles in the data have double quotes, commas, or other punctuation. Are there rules against certain punctuation when doing the import? If worse comes to worse, could add that back manually once the data is imported.

Sorry to re-open this old thread, we have used CSVImport plugin on omeka 2.4.1, which have been great.

But recently we upgrade to omeka 2.6.1, the CSvImport 2.0.4 has been failed to import data if the “File” is attached to it.

I have been enable error log, but the log is empty.

Any pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I got it solved…it turned out the ‘files’ folder permission, some how it could not write into it even though the folder permission has been set to 775.