CSV Import Compatibility with Custom Vocab

We are working on setting up a site that will be using both the CSV Import and Custom Vocab modules. Before we start, we were wondering whether anyone has experience using these tools together, what their compatibility is like, and how the workflow is affected.

I’m not seeing any answers, but was wondering if you resolved any questions? I’m doing the same, trying to use CSV import with a custom vocab for my resources. I’m stuck on getting the custom vocab I built in the module to read in the resource template

It seems that your question is about assigning the Custom Vocab to the resource template. When you make a resource template and you add individual properties, you can click on the edit pencil to configure those properties. To get the Custom Vocab, you need to set the Data Type for the property to the name of your vocab.

The CSVImport and Custom Vocab modules do work together quite nicely. You just need to follow the directions in the user manual when you prepare your spreadsheet for import. That means that the cells in the spreadsheet that correspond to the property using the custom vocab need to contain the direct information for the input you want: the plain text term, or the Omeka S Item ID for the item you want to refer to.

When and if you go to edit the individual items you’ve created with the import, it’ll look like the input is present as the value, but if you add an additional input, you’ll have access to your dropdown menu of custom values to choose from.

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