CSV Import Collections

Is it possible to import Collections with the CSV importer? (In other words, import the Collections and Collection metadata.) I can only see the ability to import Items.

The basic CSV Import plugin for Omeka Classic only imports items.

@Daniel_KM created a fork of that plugin with many more features, including the ability to import more types of records, called CSV Import Plus.

For Omeka S, the “regular” CSV Import plugin has many of these features, including the ability to import Item Sets, the S analog to collections.

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So I’m using CSV Import Plus for Omeka Classic and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to create new collections. This is my error message:

ERR (3): [CsvImport+][#26] Stopped import or undo import due to error [file /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/Import.php, line 1613]: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function CsvImportPlus_Import::_getRecordFromIdentifier(), 3 passed in /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/Import.php on line 922 and exactly 4 expected in /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/Import.php:1613
Stack trace:
#0 /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/Import.php(922): CsvImportPlus_Import->_getRecordFromIdentifier(‘1’, ‘Collection’, ‘’)
#1 /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/Import.php(724): CsvImportPlus_Import->_manageFromMappedRow()
#2 /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/Import.php(369): CsvImportPlus_Import->_importLoop(0)
#3 /export/home/cvweb-3/omeka.nrao.edu/omeka-2.7/plugins/CsvImportPlus/models/CsvImportPlus/ImportTask.php(45): CsvImportPlus_Import->start()
#4 /export/home/cvweb-3/om