CSV Import - Category is not an option

Hello there,

I went on importing my big database through CSV. One question I didn’t manage to find a solution to :

Is it possible to import Categories? I can import all my content, except categories.
By the way, I can’t import any CSV while the “Category Tree” is activated. Linked issue?
And do not ask for logs, I don’t get any, sadly :confounded: (debug logs activated though).

Any help greatly appreciated.

You can select a Collection for all the items in the import in Step 1 of the CSV Import process (when you’re uploading the file, before you get to mapping columns).

I’ll look into that possible conflict between Collection Tree and CSV Importer

Yes, no problem with collections. I’ve got problem with Category Tree.

Sounds like Category Tree might be a plugin I’m not familiar with. Could you give a link to where you got it, and what version of it you are using?

Sure : https://github.com/ConnieHarper/Omeka2-Plugin-CategoryTree
Just realized I didn’t download this one from Omeka website.
Using latest commit (it didn’t change for 2 years now).
So I understand you are not using categories? The librarian I am working for is telling me that collections have a broader approach than categories. And unfortunately tags won’t allow hierarchical sorting.

Thank you for the link - I hadn’t seen that before.

Collections contain items - an item can only belong to one collection at a time. You can use the plugin Collection Tree to create hierarchies of collections on your Omeka installation.