CSV Export using CSV Export Format

I have installed the CSV Export Format Plugin, but I cannot get any meaningful data out.
After the install the “Browse Items” page shows “csv” as one of the Output Formats in the list at the bottom of the page. However when “csv” is selected, the file created only contains 3 bytes of data, non of which can be displayed. All the other Output Formats produce meaningful data.

Can anyone suggest whats going wrong?

There are three different csv export plugins (see https://daniel-km.github.io/UpgradeToOmekaS/omeka_plugins.html). Which one do you use?

Sorry, should have included more detail.
University of Toronto version 1.0.1
My Omeka version is 2.5

Which csv export ? https://github.com/utlib/CsvExport, https://github.com/adehner/CSVExport or https://github.com/ebellempire/CSVExport ?

I check the UTLib one, but I don’t have any issues. Could you try to install / reinstall it?

I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the UTLib version. The result is the same., an Excel file with 3 non ascii characters in one cell.

The file is really three bytes? Or Excel can’t open it? Open with LibreOffice? Else, I don’t know. Open an issue on the github page.

Yes, a file with 3 bytes. I have just looked at it via a hex editor. The 3 bytes are EF, BB BF.

I have also installed it on a second Omeka machine with the same effect.

Maybe I will try the other two a try.

This is the byte order mark of the utf-8 standard, so you probably do a custom change on the Omeka core, or on the server.
And if not, this is a bug in the plugin, so open an issue on github.

To easily export all the public of an omeka to UTF-8 CSV file spreadsheet, you can try Omescrap.

Demo video here : https://videotheque.univ-poitiers.fr/video.php?id=rk5m6mwyc73ipiqs4cyw&link=jdkuyc84f523w2pk74pu38ssbd4qtj