CSV export not exporting all data in fields

I’m trying to export a collection using CSV export, but am running into a problem: If there is more than one piece of data in a given field, it only exports the last piece of data. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change?

ETA: I’m using Omeka Classic, version 2.7.1.


Which kind of CSV export are you using, a plugin, or a script? And which specifically?

Probably the issue here is that what you’re using to export simply doesn’t try to export multiple values.

I’m using the CSV Export Format plugin Version 1.0.1 by University of Toronto Libraries. Is there a better one to use that will do what I want?

It looks to me like they have a newer version, 1.1.2, which adds among other things support for outputting multiple values for a single element.

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Yes! The newer version does what I need. Thank you!!

Ahh… now I’m noticing that that the export process only permits a certain number of characters in each field, then deletes anything after that. Any idea of a fix for that?

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