CSV Export in Omeka S


Is it possible to quickly export all items of a Omeka S website to a csv file?

I think there is an option somewhere but cannot find it anymore.


I don’t see any options under Items, Item Sets, Resource Template, or Site > Resources.

There is of course the classic plugin:

According to DanielKM’s master list, that plugin is not upgraded via this “UpgradeToOmekaS” plugin.


The module UpgradeToOmekaS doesn’t upgrade anything, it installs Omeka S and the upgraded plugins, and convert the data. We have to wait that somebody upgrade one of these plugins.


@ppr so to clarify, the simple answer is no, CSV Export is not yet upgraded for Omeka-S.

And, I misspoke in that the UpgradeToOmekaS module doesn’t achieve/accomplish the module updates itself, as Daniel points out it is just an installer module for those modules which have already been upgraded to be compatible with Omeka-S by the community at large.


As far as I see there is no news on this. But what do people usually do for export? Are there recommendations for backups and /or migrations between instances?


+1 (the lack of intuitive and user-friendly export options is concerning)


In terms of backup, you can (and should) do that at the server level.
Export options could leverage the api