CSV Export in Omeka S

Is it possible to quickly export all items of a Omeka S website to a csv file?

I think there is an option somewhere but cannot find it anymore.

I don’t see any options under Items, Item Sets, Resource Template, or Site > Resources.

There is of course the classic plugin:

According to DanielKM’s master list, that plugin is not upgraded via this “UpgradeToOmekaS” plugin.

The module UpgradeToOmekaS doesn’t upgrade anything, it installs Omeka S and the upgraded plugins, and convert the data. We have to wait that somebody upgrade one of these plugins.

@ppr so to clarify, the simple answer is no, CSV Export is not yet upgraded for Omeka-S.

And, I misspoke in that the UpgradeToOmekaS module doesn’t achieve/accomplish the module updates itself, as Daniel points out it is just an installer module for those modules which have already been upgraded to be compatible with Omeka-S by the community at large.

As far as I see there is no news on this. But what do people usually do for export? Are there recommendations for backups and /or migrations between instances?

+1 (the lack of intuitive and user-friendly export options is concerning)

In terms of backup, you can (and should) do that at the server level.
Export options could leverage the api

Hi, could someone update me please: is it possible now to export from Omeka-s to csv and how?

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Merry, I don’t believe so.

I’ve also come to understand why this is a challenge over the past 2 years of working with Omeka, because the database that stores all of the items, metadata, and related information is a relational database with linked data structures which don’t translate easy to a “spreadsheet” view. Inevitably, something will be lost if you try to have 1 row per item.

Essentially, what needs to happen is a multiple-CSV file output that is zipped up and delivered to the end user. These files will not be very useful for much other than backup and re-import, so the CSV file structure would need to be standardized so that it could be re-imported.

I have done this by querying the API for a JSON output of a set of items and then converted that JSON to CSV. It’s not a push-button solution, but it’s not very difficult.

@SharonLeon It is working indeed but the csv output needs to be cleaned.

For those interested:

  1. Set (temporary) the max items displayed per page to a higher value than your number of items.
  2. Go to http://yoursite/api/items?item_set_id=X where X is the ID of your collection/item_set.
  3. Copy/paste (or wget) the output to a file.
  4. Use a json to csv converter to obtain a csv. This one (online) worked for me (see also json2csv (not tested by me).
  5. Open the csv will libreoffice-calc, set the column separator to comma only (or you will have columns detection issues) and start cleaning. There will be several columns per metadata. For example, bibo:transcriptOf uses all these columns:
bibo:transcriptOf/0/type bibo:transcriptOf/0/property_id bibo:transcriptOf/0/property_label bibo:transcriptOf/0/is_public bibo:transcriptOf/0/@id bibo:transcriptOf/0/value_resource_id bibo:transcriptOf/0/value_resource_name bibo:transcriptOf/0/url bibo:transcriptOf/0/display_title bibo:transcriptOf/0/thumbnail_url bibo:transcriptOf/0/thumbnail_title bibo:transcriptOf/0/thumbnail_type bibo:transcriptOf/1/type bibo:transcriptOf/1/property_id bibo:transcriptOf/1/property_label bibo:transcriptOf/1/is_public bibo:transcriptOf/1/@id bibo:transcriptOf/1/value_resource_id bibo:transcriptOf/1/value_resource_name bibo:transcriptOf/1/url bibo:transcriptOf/1/display_title bibo:transcriptOf/1/thumbnail_url bibo:transcriptOf/1/thumbnail_title bibo:transcriptOf/1/thumbnail_type
resource 83 transcript of true http://e-hp.ahp-numerique.fr/api/media/3688 3688 media Lettre H. Poincaré to Eugénie Launois (1/2) http://e-hp.ahp-numerique.fr/files/square/b02ec6ea546fba9b49a7ad68a2c6f8063cd0009b.jpg Lettre H. Poincaré to Eugénie Launois (1/2) image/jpeg resource 83 transcript of true http://e-hp.ahp-numerique.fr/api/media/3689 3689 media Lettre H. Poincaré to Eugénie Launois (2/2) http://e-hp.ahp-numerique.fr/files/square/2f894ecfe7e6c659471aae102e8ce0563b5e6524.jpg Lettre H. Poincaré to Eugénie Launois (2/2) image/jpeg

Of course, we need an intuitive option or module for Omeka S to achieve this in a better way.

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