CSSEditor problem

Dear community!

I’m using Omeka S 2.0.2 with mariadb 10.4. I installed CSSEditor version 1.0.1. The problem is that the changes in styles can only be seen when I’m logged in. When I’m log out, I can’t see the changes.

Please help.

This is probably a simple ACL/permissions issue in the module. We’ll look into it.

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Another problem with the CSSEditor module is noticeable when a person with global editor privileges (or below) enters editing the CSSEditor on the site. Then an error is shown.
Maybe a user with editor privileges should not see this link at all?
This, however, does not bother as much as the previous problem I wrote about.

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Hi @domek , we now have fixes for both these issues that are undergoing testing before release. Thank you for your patience!

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@domek We have a new release with the fixes here: https://github.com/omeka-s-modules/CSSEditor/releases/download/v1.1/CSSEditor-v1.1.zip.

Let us know if you continue to run into problems. Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

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Now everything is ok. :+1: Thank you very much!