Creating exhibits under multiple menu tabs

Is there a way to split up my exhibits into two menu tabs instead of having them all under the “Browse Exhibits” tab?

You could use the navigation settings to remove Browse Exhibits from the site menu. You could either link directly to the exhibits you want to highlight, or make quasi-browse pages using SimplePages and the shortcodes for exhibits

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The shortcodes worked nicely! Thank you!

So, now I’ve separated the relevant exhibits onto two separate simple pages with shortcodes, but the links to the exhibits display as a list to the left of the page. Is there a way to arrange the links on the page? Like centering them? Or having more than one link on a single line?

If you want more control over formatting and layout, you could either use the HTML editor on the SimplePage (which would mean you would have to use links instead of the shortcodes), or you could use the CSS Editor plugin to try styling the elements on the page.

I was able to use the HTML table tags to arrange the shortcodes. It doesn’t look quite as good as the grid pattern of the exhibits page, but maybe if I learn to work with the CSS Editor I’ll be able to improve it. Anyways, thanks for your help.