Creating dropdown menu

Hey there!

I am currently modifying the Center Row theme to fit my organization’s needs, and have come across an issue that seemed basic enough.
I noticed that the Center Row theme does not support nested menus by default. Where can i find the code that is responsible for generating the navigation bar? I have been using the public_nav_items() function to customize the nav bar to a certain degree, but am not able to use it to create a dropdown menu upon hovering. My main confusion lies with the fact that the navigation functions are defined under the application, not the specific theme. What controls the navigation generation?
I am able to use JavaScript with lots of hard coding to achieve the desired effect, but I would like to be able to use what Omeka natively offers.

Thank you in advance for your help!

The navigation generation code ultimately comes from Zend Framework, the Zend_Navigation component and in particular the “menu” helper. The output is a fairly vanilla set of nested unordered lists that should be amenable to most types of styling…