Creating and accessing public page

Hi! I am new to Omeka and have taken a Digital Humanities course where I practiced and worked with However, I just successfully installed Omeka Classic on our server and things look great. However, I am a bit confused about the public page. How do I locate the URL for the public page? Or, is there a way to create the URL for a public page? The only way I can view the public page is by visiting the IP address. I fear this is a rather easy thing to do, but my experience is working as an archivist and librarian and not in IT. Thanks for any help and support. Best, Scott.

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If you’re asking how to go from needing an IP address to having a typical address with a domain name, that involves DNS and is outside the scope of what Omeka deals with. If you have hosting or support from your institution or a vendor they may be able to help with that.

Thank you for your help. I am pretty much a “one man band” and am doing this all on my own without an IT department of person. Perhaps with some googling and searching around I may figure this out.

Get yourself a domain name, like for instance There will be a place for you to put the IP address of your site. Put your site’s IP address there, and then you just point your browser to the domain. It might take a while for the new information to propagate., but after it does you’ll be able to just go to your domain instead of an IP address.

Hi, I’m doing the same thing now and just one-man-banding an Omeka site that I want to go public. Will this route work for all pages (so you could get to the homepage with and as you click through you’ll get , etc.)?

Yes, that will work.