Creating a SignUp page for researchers to create users on Omeka

I am using the Guest and Guest API module to create a registration page, but whenever i try to access /api/users or /api/users/me it gives me this error

“error”: “Permission denied for the current user to search the Omeka\Api\Adapter\UserAdapter resource.”

Do you think there’s a different workaround for this, and what could be the reason for the Guest API error?

Of course, only admins can search other user. You have to create credentials for the user in admin/user/xxx, tab “api”.

I am a global admin, and i created an API key for my user, and still I get the same error when i try to access /api/users

This issue is not related to the modules, but probably to the credentials. Are you sure to write them fine in the url, like ?

I tried putting my api key instead of the key_identity & the key_credential but it did not work.
i also tried putting api_key={my_api_key} and it did not work as well. Is there a different method to work with?

“api_key” is not a managed key. The args to use are key_identity and key_credential that you obtain . If as a global admin you cannot use api/users, it means that your credentials are not good.