Creating a new theme

Hello everyone!

I am working on Omeka Classic and I have a question regarding themes. I really don’t have any previous knowledge on Omeka so these questions might seem dumb but we all gotta start somewhere :slight_smile:

If I modify an existing theme further than just CSS, will those changes be overwritten if the theme gets an update? Are there any child themes available where the changes could be made? If the changes will be overwritten, what are the best practices on working with themes?

I might be able to work on an existing theme but I need to modify it quite heavily. This is why I ask help from you wise people. Any help would be highly appreciated. Maybe some links to guide me to a right direction.

The best way to start with the Omeka Classic theme development is to modify the existing theme.
You can just copy an existing theme to a directory inside the /themes, changing the original theme’s directory name and changing the “title” param value inside the theme.ini file of your new theme.