Create an item-set that is a combination of 2 pre-existing item-sets?

I have tried different options but I am starting to wonder if it is even possible. Our omeka install contains differents item-sets that have been inherited from the collections of our omeka classic install.

I’d like to take advantage of migrating to omeka-S to merge some of them. Internally it makes sense that they are in differents item-sets but on the public side I’d like to have only one item-set displayed, as on my home page I show all the pubic item-sets.

So basically what I wanted to do was to create an item-set defined as the combination of the pre-existing sets, that would therefore contains the sum of all the items of the previously existing item-sets.

Is this even possible?


You just want to do that as a one-time process?

You can make a new set, then do a item search on both of your old sets, then do the “Edit all” batch action and add all the items to your new set.

Thanks for this idea @jflatnes but I was hoping for something more dynamic. The item sets make sense on the backoffice side, and I’d like to keep items into respective item sets, without showing these two internal item sets on the public side.

Only the dynamically merged one should appear on the public side, and should evolve based on additions to the two internal item sets.

Any other idea welcome!

Depending on your specifics, it seems to me you might be able to use a Browse Preview Block:

I haven’t been able to get Browse Preview to work the way I think it should, but in principle you can craft a query that will pull the Items from N Item Sets and allow visitors to browse them.

Consequence: This method requires you to put the browsing of the dynamic Item Set on a single page in a single site.

(Figured it out. I had an adverse interaction of the Site setting to restrict browsing to only Items attached to the Site with my test query looking for Items not attached to my test Site.)

@triplingual thanks for the pointer, I didn’t know of Browse Preview Block. The issue is that I want to have a list of item-sets, not a list of items. Currently in the index page of my theme, I have the following :

$itemSets = $this->api()->search('item_sets', [
    'is_public' => 1,
    'limit' => 20,
    'sort_by' => 'created',
    'sort_order' => 'desc',

So what I’d like to do is to be able to have an item set called “SetAplusB” that I would add to this site and that would appear on the main page, but i don’t think it’s doable at the moment based on what I have found so far.

I’m green enough with the inner workings that I’m basically at the end of my suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you’re willing to go the duct tape route and have a new query, subsequent to your Item Sets one, to api()->search() but for Items and whose parameters allow you to return the combined group you’re looking for.

Hope you’ll post back here if you figure out something more elegant.

I would like to take up the proposal again. I would also like to display a dynamic list of all ItemSets. Is this possible with the Browse Preview Block ? Thanks for help!

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