Could anyone provide some insight into the best way to go about adding new vocabulary (specifically CDWA-lite)?

We are starting to use Omeka S to open up the repository to other programs and departments on our campus. The first one that would like to get involved is our art program who have a large permanent collection of artwork that was donated years ago. They’d like to catalog it in Omeka S (not too much of a problem as CDWA does map over to DC alright), but there are some elements that they need but do not easily map. Things like “value” and exhibit history/location are two of the ones I don’t have an element for. These cannot really be put in any other element either like description as they don’t want these elements public and I can’t block an entire element from public view when I need to use it for other purposes that should be public.

I know CDWA has a lite version that is XML and can be imported somehow into Omeka S, but CDWA-lite is not in the searchable index that has been posted on here for finding the elements of an ontology like prefix, namespace, and label that are needed to import it.

Since most of these elements are to be private and for staff use only, I don’t necessary care if it properly maps or works with OAI or anything else. Its only for internal use , but if I have to import a new vocabulary, perhaps I should use it for all the artwork if its going to be something like CDWA. I’m open to other vocabulary suggestions as well. Its the first time I’ve ever had to work with art before, so any insight its much appreciated.

I did try and use two modules to either get CDWA-lite or to do a couple custom fields for our internal use. Custom Ontology and OAI-PMH are not compatible with Omeka S 2.0 and above yet so they don’t work at all.

I appreciate any suggestions or help anyone can provide! Thank you!

I don’t believe that you can just directly import CDWA Lite because it’s not defined as a Linked Data or RDF vocabulary, which is what Omeka S works with and can import.

I’m not sure OAI-PMH would do you any good with what you’re talking about, though Custom Ontology would possibly fit the bill. As for its incompatibility with version 2.0, you’d have to check with the developer of the module on that front (I believe it’s @Daniel_KM). From a quick look, it’s possible that the module’s INI entry listing what versions of Omeka S the module works with just needs to be updated (in other words, the module may already be compatible), but that’s just an at-a-glance impression; the actual developer would know better than I would.

Ok, thank you I appreciate the info. I’m hoping to get a few elements added and then I’d be all set, so I hope the custom ontology works for that.