Corrupted IIIF Toolkit Plugin


I’ll preface this that I am very new to omeka and working with servers and am mostly self taught in this area.

When I first installed the IIIF plugin, I got a blank white screen, but when refreshing it seemed fine. However when I was using the plugin it felt off so I decided to delete and reinstall. When trying to uninstall I get an error, so I decided to just delete it from the server end before reinstalling it. Now I have more errors and made it worse. I still can’t uninstall the plugin, but now when activated it doesn’t work at all (I can’t even open items/collections on the admin side).

My question is, how can I properly delete this plugin? As long as it is not activated I think everything else is fine but I would like to use it.

When you delete the files for a plugin or move it out of place, the plugin is essentially “deactivated.” In this state your site works, but if you put the plugin back in place, it’s broken?

What you need to do would probably depend a little on what errors you’re getting when the plugin is active.

Re: “When you delete the files for a plugin or move it out of place, the plugin is essentially “deactivated.” In this state your site works, but if you put the plugin back in place, it’s broken?”

Yes, same thing happened with me today. And even though both the Toolkit and Toolkit Embed plugins are deleted from my file manager on Reclaim, now I’m getting a message on my Plugin page that says IiifItems “Is not a valid plugin.”

Did you ever figure out how to delete the IIIF Toolkit properly?

When I installed it, I got the blank screen. Upon refreshing, I could get to my collections, but I got errors when trying to open items.

I decided to uninstall the plugin. I first deactivated it. Then I uninstalled it. It went back to the blank screen. When I refresh, the plugin is still installed, but just deactivated. When I try to remove the files from the server, I get the error that the plugin is not valid.

So as it sits for now, I have the plugin installed, but just not activated. If you got it uninstalled, I’d be interested in knowing how you did it.


We are having the same problem. We successfully installed the IIIF tookit and toolkit embed on our test server that runs a previous version of Omeka classic (3.0.3). On our production server running 3.1.2, the IiifItem plugin will not install properly and throws an error. It shows up in the installed plugins but will not uninstall without throwing the same error… Let’see if the Omeka folks get back to us.

The IIIF toolkit is not a plugin that is created and maintained by the Omeka Team, but rather by the University of Toronto libraries. So, if it seems they are not monitoring the forums for issue posts, you can try leaving and issue in their github repository, which you can reach from the plugin page in the directory.

Hi, the U of T folks who developed the plugin appear to have fixed the issue. They haven’t made an official release yet but right now if you download the code - it has the fix (GitHub - utlib/IiifItems: Embed Mirador in Omeka Classic 2.3+ for building rich IIIF-compliant exhibits). We had the same issue as you, and the fix worked for us.

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Wonderful! Thanks for the update.