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I want to note that I think it is a fairly big usability bug / missing feature to not be able to sort by the primary identifier that you select! Whether via import or manual entry, every digital library has a primary/unique identifier. Often it will be dcterms:identifiier.

But the only sort options are created, owner, class, and title.


You can sort by any field pretty much, for example ?sort_by=dcterms:identifier will sort by the Dublin Core Identifier field.

Of course what’s accessible through the UI is also important.


Right, I’m just adding it in manually at the moment… just now. It’s easy enough, but for end users I would think it would be an important sort to check on status of online collection



We have to be judicious in what to put there by default because there’s such a wide set of possibilities for properties in S, and beyond a handful of additional choices, we’d have to look at a completely different UI for choosing the sort property. You make a good case for Identifier, though.


Yes, I can confirm this would be extremely useful