Copy and Paste Hebrew words are reversed

When copy and paste Hebrew words to a data field, it is displayed as reversed. It is saved in the correct order in database though. Is there a setting to allow data displayed from RTL in a form field??

I’m not seeing that behavior… I think, anyway. Does it matter at all where you copy from?

My quick-and-dirty source of Hebrew text was the Hebrew Wikipedia, but it appeared to maintain the proper right-to-left display direction both in the form input and the display on the item page.

No, it does not matter. I copied from word documents, excel or notepad. They are all reversed. I just found a quick fix: use hebrev($text) to reverse it back.

Does it matter what browser you use?

Otherwise, can you post screenshots illustrating the problem?

No, it is the same for all browsers. Please see a screenshot of the admin interface.

Can you also show what it’s supposed to look like? You could do a screenshot or just past the Hebrew text directly here.

I was mistakenly trying this out in S (I misread your initial post), but I went back in Classic and tried with the text “שטויב” which I believe is part of the text you’re trying to use and it seemed to maintain the proper order (again, as best as I can tell).

Screenshot from 2018-04-24 16-20-16

It should be like this:


Does pasting the actual text into the forum’s textbox work? The issue here is just with the punctuation, it seems. That’s a fairly common problem with mixed bidirectional text: the browsers try to detect whether the punctuation is surrounded by LTR or RTL text and apply correctly (plus flipping the direction of things like brackets).

Still, I’m not having a problem with this text:

מלחמה שטויב [באנ‬ד איינס]

(i’m not sure if that’s 100% accurate but it should be close enough for the technical aspect at any rate). I suspect your source text might have some issue with what it actually contains, like one of the brackets is actually the wrong type, or there’s a Unicode LRM or RLM (left-to-right and right-to-left markers, respectively, which are used to control the ordering of other “neutral” characters like punctuation).

If you copy that text from here, do you have the same problem?

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