Copy all items + metadata and all files related to an Item_Type from a source Omeka to a destination Omeka

First of all I want to mention that I am a newbie to Omeka. Please forgive me if I sounded silly in some places.
One of our Omeka back-end projects (which I did not construct myself nor fill out, nor structured) became extremely large. In it, ‘Museum’ is defined as an item_type. We have different items and files associated with this item type. Files ranges from being audio, videos, images (flat and spherical) and 3D models (as objs + their textures) etc…Many items are organised under collections etc…

I want to dump or save a museum ( an item type) ++ everything related to it (which would be many items and files) and import all of this into another clean Omeka installation (where I have defined the exact item_types and installed the exact plugins as the source etc…).

Any suggestions of how that can be achieved. I have been told about Omeka API Import ( but this tool does not serve the purpose. I do not want to import a complete Omeka into another Omeka. Unless if it can be changed?

If I can phrase the question differently: Is there any tool we can use to import a subset of a large Omeka into another Omeka?

It sounds like a call between the time involved between two options: use Omeka API Import, then manually delete the unwanted Items manually, or work through hacking Omeka API Import to only import what you want.

For the second option, you’d want to modify the libraries/ApiImport/ResponseAdapter/Omeka/ItemAdapter.php file’s import function to filter out the items you do not want, based on the item type data that comes in.

I suspect, though, that it will be simpler to go with the first option. Just import everything, then delete the things you do not want. Using the advanced search features in Omeka should let you identify and delete those pretty quickly, without the effort of testing new code.

Thanks Patrick. It would be nice if the plugin was more fine tuned allowing to import different item_types, collections, files belonging to items etc… through the GUI This is a needed function! Why it is not there yet!

I was working with the python scripts found to interact and get what I want and then post them in the destination omeka, but then I have to take care of matching the ids and a million headaches.

I will give the first option a try and see what can be achieved. Our Source Omeka is massive, this is why. Thank you again for the help!

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