Convert Command from MPEG to VIDEO for video thumbnails

Dear Forum,

We are busy upgrading the local servers that host our Omeka S installation. We are working with Omeka S 3.2.1 and our current environment is Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS with ImageMagick 6.9.7-4 Q16 x86_64 20170114 and with ffmpeg/bionic 7:3.4.2-2 amd64 where all thumbnail conversion is working fine (including videos with the convert mpeg command).

However on the new server environment Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS with ImageMagick 6.9.11-60 Q16 x86_64 2021-01-25 and ffmpeg/jammy 7:4.4.1-3ubuntu5 amd64 our video thumbnail is not working. We get

convert mpeg:./001.mpg -auto-orient -background white +repage -alpha remove -thumbnail '800x800>' ./001.png

Generates an error:

convert-im6.q16: unable to open image `mpeg:./001.mpg': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2924.
convert-im6.q16: no images defined `./001.png' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3229.

But if we use the below in the terminal

convert video:./001.mpg -auto-orient -background white +repage -alpha remove -thumbnail '800x800>' ./001.png

It works fine and outputs the file.

We have noticed that the two environments now have two different format lists and have picked up this difference:

Updated Server environment:

MOV  MPEG  	rw+   MPEG Video Stream
MP4  MPEG  	rw+   MPEG-4 Video Stream

Current Server environment:

MOV  VIDEO 	rw+   MPEG Video Stream
MP4  VIDEO 	rw+   VIDEO-4 Video Stream

We have also noted this particular issue raised by @jflatnes on the image magick forum Regression in support of MPEG video after coder name-change to "video" · Issue #181 · ImageMagick/ImageMagick6 · GitHub which brings up this change from MPEG to VIDEO?

We are not quite sure how to go about fixing this, do we need to reinstall/compile our own imagemagick version that is independent of what is available from the linux distribution (that was installed using apt-get) and then attempt to get all the required modules & libraries installed and working again with a source version? We are also not sure how anything we do now might affect when we aim to upgrade to Omeka 4.0.4 later in the year?

We fixed this on our end in Omeka S 3.2.2, so upgrading to that version or newer should resolve this for you. If you’re upgrading, I’d suggest going to 3.2.3 (the newest 3.2 version) or just the latest released version (currently 4.0.4).

Also, I recorded on the release notes on 3.2.2 which version of ImageMagick had the fix on their end: “(the problematic versions are those between 6.9.11-31 and 6.9.12-54, inclusive).” Depending on what’s available from Ubuntu for 22.04, it’s likely easier to upgrade Omeka than to upgrade to a fixed ImageMagick, but both are possible options.

Dear @jflatnes
Thanks so much for clarifying that so well for us and the suggestion.
Appreciate your support… (and should read the release notes with more focus!)