Controlling layout of search results

I’m trying to modify a theme, and I’m having a tough time identifying what all the files do.

In particular, I notice that if I use the “items/search” page, I get a url like:
which is controlled by the items/browse.php file

But if I do a search in searchbox in the header, I get a url like:
– it has a different layout, but I can’t figure out what controls the layout of those items. What file is that?

I thought that it would be the items/single.php file, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. (And so a corollary file: what does the single.php file do?)

I’m sure this is documented somewhere, but I’m having a tough time finding it. Is there a “new developer’s guide to what file controls what page”?


The main searchbox search runs across different types: items, collections, exhibits, etc., so its view doesn’t live in any of those spaces.

The search results page is search/index.php. If your theme doesn’t contain that file (many don’t), it’s using the core’s default view for that page. You can copy it out of application/views/scripts into your theme and then edit it.

The single.php views are used for places where a single item is displayed in isolation: places like the homepage when showing recent/featured items, or when using a shortcode to display them.

Thanks @jflatnes for the quick response! That’s very helpful.